Preparing for the Moment of Passing

As a parent and husband, I want to make sure that years from now, my family will be taken care of if I die before them. It’s a morbid thing to think about, but no one lives forever, and we all have to prepare for the worst at some point. That’s why I wanted to find a 30 year term life insurance plan that would take care of everything, including funeral expenses. I searched for some good plans on the Internet, but the plans I found didn’t give me the amount of coverage that I wanted. I stumbled upon a website that finally gave me exactly what I wanted.

The plan covered funeral costs, and paid off a sum to my family in the event of my passing. My wife would be able to take care of the funds, and if she died too, the funds would go directly to my children, with the oldest being in charge of the funds. I have 3 kids, with the oldest one being 19 and the youngest being 5, so I’d like to think that the oldest one would be able to handle the responsibility of looking after the rest of the family if it comes to that.

Other people my age have been looking into life insurance plans for their families as well. We all dread that talk that we have to have with our families about what to do if we die, but they need to know what to do, and they also need to know that they’re covered. I had a relative who didn’t prepare for this kind of thing while she was still alive, and when she died, her children didn’t know what to do. Luckily the rest of the family members were there to help them with everything in their time of grief.

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