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An Article Close to My Heart – Buying Products Manufactured In The USA

Buy American Products

Having been an acrylic fabricator for almost a quarter century I know how hard it can be to compete with overseas manufacturing. The wage differences are very hard to swallow on the U.S. side of things. Plus the pricing on many materials is very hard for us to compete with. Being a plastic fabrication company was very straightforward for many years. Set up a network of distributors in the states and start purchasing materials. Acrylic fabrication companies now have to work with the distributors on all types of import materials.

The reason to buy American products

As a plastic fabrication company I have always been very proud of this country. For years we have designed and produced custom displays for numerous industries. It has always been a pleasure doing business with companies all over this great land. But the mentality we have developed over the last decade is very sobering and definitely a detriment to the growth of this great nation. We need some type of incentives to bring our companies back to our own shores. What is sad is that our leaders are typically silent about this, and have shown no incentive to change this way of thinking. So if you do have a choice buy it locally, even if it’s to support a small business located in your community.

Top reasons to buy American products.

Number one they are made here.

Number two it gives an American citizen a job.

Number three the money goes back into our government not a foreign one.

I could list many reasons why to do business in the states and how it will benefit our land but I don’t think it is truly necessary. We all know it’s the right and necessary thing to do. As an acrylic and plastic fabrication company it’s very obvious that we need change. I hope in the near future I can buy American made acrylic for my custom displays. So I would like to thank you as an acrylic/plastic fabricator for taking the time to read this article on this issue. Buy American products it will help our economy.

This is an article that I hold close to my heart. After twenty five years of being in business things have really changed. I never had any competition form foreign countries when I first started in business. The only saving grace is the cost of shipping to get the product here. I hope it’s not too late to correct this situation.

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Semiconductor Industry Sales Overview – 2013

According to a report from the Semiconductor Industry Association, worldwide semiconductor sales in 2013 totaled $305.6 billion, hitting an annual record. This was an increase of 4.8% from 2012 sales of $291.6 billion.

Brian Toohey, president and CEO of SIA, reports that this is the first time that the global semiconductor industry exceeded $300 billion in sales for the first time ever, spurred by robust sales growth across nearly all regions and all product segments. Toohey notes that the industry finished the year with the strongest December sales on record, an indication that this momentum is likely to carry over to this year.

Toohey also adds that the semiconductor is becoming ubiquitous and is present in many products, from the home, the car, and mobiles. This indicates a favorable position for the semiconductor industry.

The SIA report indicated that total chip sales for the fourth quarter of 2013 came to $79.9 billion, which was 7.7% higher than the $74.2 billion reported in the fourth quarter of the previous year. In December 2013 alone, chip sales totaled $26.6 billion, which was an increase of 17.3% from December 2012.

The American market showed the biggest growth in sales, exhibiting an increase of 13.1% in its annual semiconductor sales. Europe and the Asia Pacific region also showed increases of 5.2% and 7.0%, respectively. However, sales in Japan actually suffered and decreased by 15.2%, part of which is due to the devaluation of the Japanese yen.

Falan Yinug, SIA director of industry statistics and economic policy, says that Japan has been artificially devaluating the yen in order to stimulate exports, leading to lower sales in the Japanese market, but there could be better growth this year. On the other hand, Europe’s sales had been suffering in 2012 and in the first half of 2013, but the numbers showed that the market there is already recovering.

Among the industry segments, memory was the fastest growing with sales increasing 17.6% in 2013. DRAM performed well in the memory segment, with its sales increasing by 33.3%, while NAND flash also showed strong growth with an 8.1% increase. Optoelectronic products and analog also showed positive growth, with annual sales increases of 5.3% and 2.1%, respectively.

It’s still too early to say whether the record sales is significant in itself as semiconductor sales has fluctuated yearly since 2008. However, even as industry sales remain cyclical, the extreme numbers are slowing down and are being replaced by numbers indicating small but steady growth as the semiconductor industry matures.

A Deutsche Bank Market Research release expects that growth in the industry would accelerate to 8% in 2014, but this projection has already been discounted by many sectors within the industry itself, such as analog and PLDs.

In contrast, the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization forecast a more consistent market growth for this year as well as in 2015, projecting sales of up to $317 billion in 2014 and $328 billion by 2015.

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