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Best Mutual Fund Investment for the Clueless in 2013

If you’re clueless in 2013, your best investment and the best mutual fund is one and the same: an investor-friendly mutual fund sometimes called a fund of funds. I call this the best investment for the inexperienced investor because it offers two huge advantages.

Investors need a balanced investment portfolio of stocks and bonds to smooth out the risk of investing. Few investors have the experience or inclination to go it alone. The first advantage of what I call the best mutual fund for most folks in 2013: the fund company (investment company) does the investment management for you. You simply decide whether you want to be conservative, moderate or aggressive in terms of risk.

To find your best investment, go to the investment company’s website and search for the mutual fund category called BALANCED or ASSET ALLOCATION. When you invest money, you will actually be buying shares and will own a small part of a large investment portfolio of stocks and bonds. Often times, the portfolio will simply consist of stock and bond funds managed by that investment company. That’s why I say your best mutual fund is sometimes called a fund of funds.

Now let’s talk about the other big advantage, using a $10,000 investment as an example. It can cost you $500 off the top in sales charges and more than $200 a year in fees and management expenses if you go through a sales representative. Or, you can go with a NO-LOAD fund company like Fidelity or Vanguard and pay less than $100 a year for expenses, period. That’s what I call the best mutual fund, your best deal and best investment.

Some folks are lead to believe that you get what you pay for in the investment world. I spent over 20 years as a financial planner, and I know the truth. The best investment company is a low-cost investment company. The two I mentioned above qualify, plus they are the two largest in the business. Every dollar you add to the cost of investing in a mutual fund is a dollar subtracted from your net investment return.

If you are clueless in 2013, and want to own a very small part of a large professionally managed investment portfolio… the best investment and the best mutual fund for you is a no-load, balanced fund. Simply search for “no-load funds” on the internet, and you’re on your way to investment success and low-cost investing.

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CRUSH It As a COACH! The 1 SECRET To Success That Will Change Your Coaching Business Forever

Q: What is the one thing that separates super successful coaches from mediocre ones? Is there a simple secret… or strategy, system or skill set that separates folks who seemingly have an abundance of of clients from those who don’t?

The truth is, there are all kinds of amazingly talented, gifted, caring, compassionate and super skilled coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers and people of PASSION who will never get their first paying client… and many self centered snake oil salesman who have all the cash paying clients they can handle.

It’s really not about talent – or even the ability to help per se… at least in my view. It’s about having a curriculum – or your content codified into a simple system that’s sale-able.

In a content marketing based system… your “CURRICULUM” is the simple sequence of steps where you codify your niche knowledge or data dump into something that feels tangible to your clients… and serves to differentiate you from your competition in the marketplace of ideas, and outcomes.

For example –

All things being equal… Who would you rather hire as a business coach:

Someone who has a very specific, very structured system for building your brand, your blog, your business and your bank account from step 1…

Or –

Someone who doesn’t have any structure or specific sequence of steps, yet has a great sales pitch and story about what they can do to help you?

All things being equal, I can tell you without any equivocation in my own experience, and business:

People want the security of a system!


It feels more significant, and substantial and can be seen, touched and tasted. (where results, even powerfully promised ones from someone you think you can trust… still feel ephemeral, light and not concrete)

I can tell you in my own small coaching practice, the process of codifying my ideas into a series of blueprints, PDF’s and step by step outlines, has made all of the difference in the world… and will do the same for you.

The information is exactly the same.

The way it’s presented, is just more powerful and palpable. (and profitable)

What has YOUR experience been? Are you struggling to get your marketing message out to the masses?

I promise you this… if you have great goals and big plans that are predicated on putting your PASSION into the world around you, creating a content cornerstone that outlines your approach, or a simple step by step system that articulates your ideas, is the BEST thing you can do for your brand, and your business in 2013… and beyond.

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Have a Start-Up and Want to Get Funded?

In January of this year, I was reading one of those popular little business articles in one of the small business publications that you find at the newspaper rack. In that particular article the author was explaining how come new small startups were having such a half time finding venture capitalists, and small time investors. The article went through all of the deals which got funded in 2012, and there was quite a bit of data there. It showed that certain types of industries just were not getting any juice, not even from friends and family, angel investors, or this new crowd funding strategy.

It was a very good article and well documented, however as the coordinator for a think tank which happens to operate online, I am constantly reading new business plans. There is something missing in most of these new business plans and that is a decent return on investment and a realistic pro forma. You see, small entrepreneur startup businesses just can’t make up facts and figures, and guestimate the amount of profit they might attain from their revenue without some good backup, or even some industry standard information.

Interestingly enough, just the other day there was an interesting article in the Phoenix business Journal on April 9, 2013 titled; “Why it’s so hard for startups to lure investors,” by Francine Hardaway. This article was similar, albeit written better and much quicker to the point. Still, from what I have seen many of today’s entrepreneurs are on a mission, or a cause, thinking they can start a business for their life’s calling. That’s nice and wonderful, but the business still has to make a profit. Doing nice things in the community or feeding starving Africans, or even helping people reduce their carbon footprint are all very noble indeed. But you still have to make a profit.

Investors are interested in a return on their investment (ROI), and they aren’t so interested in taking big risks, especially in the age of ObamaCare. Small startups which are going to be labor intensive are scaring away investors, and even though the Small Business Administration (SBA) is guaranteeing more loans, and banks are starting to make business loans once again, even they are leery in funding a good many of the business plans they are presented.

Further, many of these smalltime startup entrepreneurs don’t want to be on the hook in case the business doesn’t work out, and many of them don’t have a whole lot to show in the way of personal assets to guarantee the loan.

Investors are not stupid, and they want a return on investment for their money, many of them are worried that they won’t have enough savings in their retirement if they make too many bad choices or bad guesses with new business startup funding opportunities. So there’s a lot more to the story than what you might read in a cute little article online, or in a small business magazine. Please consider all this and think on it.

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