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An Article Close to My Heart – Buying Products Manufactured In The USA

Buy American Products

Having been an acrylic fabricator for almost a quarter century I know how hard it can be to compete with overseas manufacturing. The wage differences are very hard to swallow on the U.S. side of things. Plus the pricing on many materials is very hard for us to compete with. Being a plastic fabrication company was very straightforward for many years. Set up a network of distributors in the states and start purchasing materials. Acrylic fabrication companies now have to work with the distributors on all types of import materials.

The reason to buy American products

As a plastic fabrication company I have always been very proud of this country. For years we have designed and produced custom displays for numerous industries. It has always been a pleasure doing business with companies all over this great land. But the mentality we have developed over the last decade is very sobering and definitely a detriment to the growth of this great nation. We need some type of incentives to bring our companies back to our own shores. What is sad is that our leaders are typically silent about this, and have shown no incentive to change this way of thinking. So if you do have a choice buy it locally, even if it’s to support a small business located in your community.

Top reasons to buy American products.

Number one they are made here.

Number two it gives an American citizen a job.

Number three the money goes back into our government not a foreign one.

I could list many reasons why to do business in the states and how it will benefit our land but I don’t think it is truly necessary. We all know it’s the right and necessary thing to do. As an acrylic and plastic fabrication company it’s very obvious that we need change. I hope in the near future I can buy American made acrylic for my custom displays. So I would like to thank you as an acrylic/plastic fabricator for taking the time to read this article on this issue. Buy American products it will help our economy.

This is an article that I hold close to my heart. After twenty five years of being in business things have really changed. I never had any competition form foreign countries when I first started in business. The only saving grace is the cost of shipping to get the product here. I hope it’s not too late to correct this situation.

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Many of These So-called Permanent Policies Are Subject to Early Lapse in Spite of the Fact That the Policy

The Wall Street Journal recently warned that thousands of older Universal Life Insurance policies are failing due to Life Insurance companies having credited much lower interest rates over the years than they originally projected when these policies were first purchased. This interest deficit leaves the policy owner on the hook for unplanned-for cash-value shortfalls and policy expenses. These factors determine how long the policy will last based on the original non-guaranteed planned premium.

Owner had been paying his billed “planned premium” each and every year. It’s all too common that neither the original agent who sold the policy nor the life insurance company ever took the time to educate the policy owner about the fact that the so-called “planned premium” they’ve been paying all these years was based on assumptions that failed to materialize.

As a result thousands of policy owners who expected to keep the policy in force until the insured’s death have been receiving lapse notices when the insureds are at advanced ages with medical conditions that preclude them from any reasonable economic options. In addition, if the worst happens and a policy lapses, its demise can result in a big tax income tax bill to the policy owner.

Fortunately, many older insureds are able to leverage their relatively good health combined with the cash value in their old policies and our physician-directed medical underwriting to qualify for the same coverage at a much lower cost. To address these very serious issues, we provide you with the following 3 of The 7 Secrets to Saving 50% to 100% on your Life Insurance Costs,

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Playing With Numbers: Learning How To Keep Your Mobile Phone Bill Low

It’s not just governments that are trying to lower their bills during the current economic downturn – households are attempting to cut costs too, and quickly. From simply turning off lights to seeking alternative heating methods, even a small cut in your monthly outgoings can have a big impact over a year.

But what about lowering your phone bills? With the number of things you can do on a mobile phone increasing by the month, it seems harder than ever before to cut the cost of your phone bill. But by bearing a few simple tips in mind, you could see the numbers on your phone bill slowly climb down in the long term.

Easy ways to lower your mobile phone bill

Once you’re committed to the goal of reducing how much you spend on your mobile phone, start by taking a hard look at your last bills. Where do you spend the most money? Do you regularly exceed your text, call or internet data allowance? What are the causes of these excess charges? For instance, perhaps you watch several videos on YouTube a day on your phone or you stream music from clients like Spotify using 3G. These activities can significantly eat into your monthly data.

To reduce or eliminate these charges, make a few simple changes in your mobile phone behaviour. Try limiting your YouTube and Spotify usage to when you have a wireless internet connection within range. Remember, Spotify playlists can also be made available offline, so you can play them without using your data allowance. Also think about the ways in which you call people – perhaps a text would suffice instead of a phone call. If you work from a computer all day, sending an email instead is another alternative to using your mobile phone. And if you have a landline at home, you may even have free weekend calls to other landlines – so turning to older phone technology could help reduce those bills too.

Alternatively, if you’re no longer bound by a contract, consider changing mobile phone networks or downgrading to a cheaper tariff. Some major phone networks offer cheap monthly tariffs that you can leave when you like. What’s more, if you’re only an occasional phone user but you’re still paying monthly for a phone contract with benefits you hardly use, consider switching to a pay as you go tariff, which requires you to top up only when you need to. If you are a light phone user, this could save you at least £10 a month. However, pay as you go is often only an affordable option for occasional mobile phone users – if you’re a heavy user, it’s usually more economical to take out a contract with inclusive texts, minutes and data.

Texting and calling abroad for less

If you text or call friends or family abroad from your mobile, cutting your bill may be seem like hard work but it’s not impossible. Call up your mobile network and ask them if they have any special offers for international numbers. Some networks may allow you to pay a lump sum for free or cheap calls from mobiles to the country of your choice. If your mobile network doesn’t offer such a deal, take a look around the market and don’t be afraid to switch to a rival if it means your bills will be lower.

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