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Easter Crucifixion Ritual Has Roots in Babylon and Sun Worship

Those who favour the New Testament and have never looked properly into Old Testament prophecies are greatly misled. There are two Gods described in the bible. The first is the Spirit of the Universe and Creator of all things (Isaiah 45:4-8 OT) while the other is the Trinity God of the Indian Vedic that supports the Christ or mate to the Mother God of Babylon (NT). So which is right?

My knowledge into these things did not suddenly start but have been ongoing through previous lives. My reincarnation and passage into this life proves there are no such things as heaven or hell while devils, angels and saints are designed by religious leaders to mislead, confuse, manipulate and gather in the vulnerable to their congregations. The idea of an eternal life in the sky gathers them in while the threat of burning forevermore is the lock on the door keeping them there.

To begin with the dead have no living nerves and without them there is no feeling. It is only in a living body that one can feel so it is only through reincarnation that we can continue in life. The promise is that God’s people will inherit the earth, not heaven.

The idea of floating around in the cosmos forever is so appalling that to me that it would be hell. What would one do there? Paradise is painted as a place of castles, rivers, buildings, kings and angels and yet why don’t we see them. If they exist surely they would have been found by now, especially with all the space travel and so forth.

If something cannot be sensed by either touch, sight, smell, taste or feeling then it does not exist. In Isaiah 34:4 the Spirit stated that all of the host of heaven will fall down. In verse 8 we read that it will happen in the year of recompense for the controversy of Zion.

Jeremiah 25:31 promises that at the ends of the earth a noise shall come to deliver that controversy and God will plead with all flesh. It states that the wicked will be given to the sword. Among the many visions given to me the day was shown as a line stretched while and an enormously bright light, representing the Spirit, was at either end of it. In the middle it was shown as noon where it was almost dark.

There a man on a cross stood high above the crowd that were reaching up to him. Isaiah 59:10 states that they grope for the wall at noonday as in the night for they are desolate as dead men. That is when Jesus Christ appeared for the day is 4,000 years long. It brought extreme darkness and the controversy that God has with the nations and that they have with Mt. Zion.

The Internet was given to enable these promises to be kept. Through it everyone everywhere have access to the knowledge that is going forth to declare that all religions have their roots in Babylon, the Islamic city of the Amors. They moved west and built other cities one of which is Mari (Mary) named after the sun-star they observed through the Ziggurats. Their next city was Roma (reverse Amor) and they never gave up on their religion or gods. There they became the Romans

The sun-star is formed when light passes through an aperture and divides into the beautiful colors of the rainbow. It is so attractive that men devised a way to marry her by dying on the cross before sunrise. That was called ‘noon’ before Constantine changed it to midday. He was an Amorite heavily involved with the sun-worshiping Islamic religion of Babylon.

He established the Catholic Church based on its principles. He invented Jesus Christ according to Revelation 13:13-18 and he forced everyone to worship the image or be killed. He built the first Vatican and Christian churches and his religion was the first in the line of Christian faiths spawned of it. Later Jerome compiled the New Testament to give the organisation a text to work by.

There is every chance that he wrote Matthew which repeats the story of Krishna (Chrishna) as that of Christ. It also contains church laws which he took from the Imperial Islamic religion along with the festivals, order of mass, calendar, costumes, instruments and laws. There is also a chance that his cohort, Augustine Bea, was the author of Luke.

The Vatican appointed the latter to create another religion to credit that of Constantine’s. Recently published on the Internet is a report that a priest working in the Vatican library came across evidence to this effect. It appears from that statement that Bea located a man named Mohammed and established the Muslim branch of Islam. He may then have compiled the Koran while kings and leaders were encouraged to accept the new prophet and to promote him as such.

With Easter celebrations just a few days away it is important for people to reflect on just who and what they are worshiping.

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When You’re Filing Bankruptcy Make Your Attorney Your Bestie

Most people don’t realize it but being really successful in a bankruptcy filing requires a good relationship with one’s bankruptcy attorney. Filing bankruptcy is a team sport that requires everyone to work together like a well oiled machine. Using a football analogy, with the attorney being the quarterback calling in all the plays, if it weren’t for the line or the paralegals, the opposing team will run amok all over the quarterback. The law office staff is very important running interference for the attorney and their client. Prior to filing bankruptcy, creditors are very aggressive in their attempt to collect on a debt, but having a professional staff to handle those calls will make the process go a lot smoother and less stressful for the client. Just like with the football team if one person doesn’t do their job then the damage can be endless. That’s why when someone is hiring a bankruptcy lawyer they need to use their gut feeling on how they feel about the person they are hiring. When going in for a free consultation, it’s best to look around and talk to the paralegals and the office staff to see what kind of dynamic is going on. If everyone’s unhappy and stressed out, this probably isn’t the office that someone will want to spend much time in. Nothing is worse than being stressed out by a creditor that is threatening the client only to have a staff member minimalize it or give them lip. When considering a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will take 4 to 6 months and a Chapter 13 will take 3 to 5 years, it would be a good idea to find someone you trust and don’t mind confiding in with him and your entire personal life.

When someone hires an attorney they definitely won’t want it to turn into a nightmare. Remember, the bankruptcy attorney the person hires won’t care if the individual leaves because they’ve already been paid. Try squeezing blood out of that turnip, it’s like trying to beat the odds at a Las Vegas casino, eventually no matter how lucky you are you will lose. In most situations, before a bankruptcy attorney will even file a bankruptcy petition, the entire fee must be paid. If someone bails out early with only paying half of the fee, the bankruptcy attorney will send an itemized list of expenses incurred and will return any overage that was previously paid. After talking to people in this exact situation, rarely do they get anything back. This means they kind of have you over a barrel and if you leave you might not get anything back. A new counsel will be starting from scratch again and for someone that is filing bankruptcy, money is scarce and usually not available to hire another law firm. It’s a much better idea to take the time and consult a few lawyers so they can see the difference of personalities and staffing.

As the middle-class continues to shrink, Americans need to keep their eyes on the real economic numbers and not watch the stock market. Even though the government is reporting unemployment numbers of 6.7%, the real picture is the true numbers are much higher than that. All someone needs to do is look around them and see the continued layoffs and the closure of retail stores nationwide. The old adage, if it sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true rings loudly these days when watching TV. Most Americans are living on their available credit that will soon dry up leaving them with only one option and that is a bankruptcy filing. We are currently living in very scary times with the Cold War heating up once again with Russia and China we can only surmise what our economic future has in store for us. This is why Americans need to be proactive and do whatever necessary to get back on the road to becoming debt-free even if it means filing for bankruptcy.

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6 Practices To Becoming An Empowering Leader

What could you achieve by being an empowering leader?

There is no single way to define leadership. For decades, leadership has been the subject of research, which has resulted in close to a 1000 definitions. However, from studying what the most prominent writers had to say on the subject, the following 6 practices provide an extremely useful template for understanding how to become an empowering leader.

Practice #1: An Empowering Leader Has Driving Passion To Realize Their Vision

Great Leaders have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish and a passion for making that vision a reality. This means:

  • They know clearly what they want, and work passionately to make that happen.
  • They do not meander throughout the day in a state of half-consciousness
  • They do not allow event and circumstances to determine what will happen to them.
  • They are concerned with outcomes.
  • They use their vision to rise above adversity, setbacks, and even failure.

Practice #2: The Empowering Leader Is Egoless

In his book, Good To Great, author Jim Collins performed an in-depth study of companies that proved to be far more successful than they more traditional counterparts. He found that one of the distinguishing features of these companies was the personal nature of their leaders, which he labeled Level 5 Leadership. Many of the most effective leaders are humble. Although dogged about achieving their visions they aren’t interested in the press clippings or credit.

Practice #3: An Empowering Leader Builds And Maintains Relationships Of Trust

Empowering leaders build and maintain a special relationship with their followers: a relationship based upon trust. You can have a wonderful vision within the organization; but if trust is low or absent, then you fight an uphill battle to implement your vision since is takes the collective efforts of many people to realize anything worthwhile.

Trust could be defined as confidence in your relationship with others and consists of three parts: confidence in their competence, integrity, and fairness. In other words, when we trust someone:

  • We believe that this person is capable of achieving business results.
  • We believe that we can count of the individual to do what he/she says.
  • And we believe that this person cares about our own interests as well as their own.

When trust is low, relationships are characterized by alienation, competition and conflict rather than collaboration and goodwill.

Practice # 4: The Empowering Leader Unleashes The Motivations and Commitments Of Those They Lead

The work of high performance leaderships is to unleash the creative potential of people by creating conditions in which they can meaningfully contribute to their jobs and the company. In traditional (vs High Performance) organizations, managers issue orders and directive which people carry out without a lot of input and thought. This practice can stifle personal initiative and creativity. People wait to be told what to do and learn to do things by the book instead of using their own minds to improve the work they are doing.

Practice # 5: An Empowering Leader Is A Social And Organizational Architects

What does the word “Architect” mean to you? What do you think of when you hear that leaders are architects?

  • The greatest leaders understand that their purpose is more than their own legacy. It is to create an organization or institution which outlasts them and continues to add value for years to come.
  • In his bestselling book Built To Last, Jim Collins and Jerry Porras report on the qualities of premier companies. These companies were not built solely on a great idea or a charismatic leader, both which come and go with time. Instead, the found of such legendary companies as Hewlett Packard, Merck, 3-M, GE and P&G all took an architectural approach to building their organizations.
  • Another example is our founding fathers. Most important about them was not their momentary leadership, but rather the institution they built – the structure and processes they put in pace upon which our society continues to thrive today. It is the organization, not just the idea that commands the attention and respect of the greatest leaders.

Practice #6: An Empowering Leader Acts From Positive Beliefs About People and Situations

For true leaders, the glass is not half-full, it’s brimming. They believe all of the exemplary leaders we have studied, that they can change the world or, at the very least make a dent in the universe”

– Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus, Leaders, 1985

Unfortunately, many of our beliefs are negative rather than positive. We think the closet is full of boogey men instead of guarding angels. If you are called into the bosses office, you may feel anxious and wonder if you are in trouble.

Strengthening vs. weakening beliefs:

  • “Everything happens for a purpose” vs. “Bad always happens to me”
  • “People are basically good” vs. “You can’t trust anyone”
  • “There is no such thing as failure” vs. “I just can’t win”
  • “We can do it” vs. “We’ll never make it.

Here are a few affirmations that can be repeated over and over again.

  • I am a positive and energetic leader who achieves outstanding results
  • I am a compassionate leader who brings out the best qualities in others.
  • I am well-balanced in my personal, family and business life.
  • I am a great communicator and believe in continually sharing my vision with everyone I come in contact with.

The content in this post inspired by our High Performance Leadership program, specifically from one of the modules called Practices of Empowering Leaders. The program was created by The Center for Organizational Design, Inc./360 Solutions LLC, of which I am a licensee.

I offer High Performance Leadership training, development, coaching, workshops, seminars and keynotes on this subject matter. For more information, please contact me at (800) 560-4649 or

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