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Type 2 Diabetes – Using Exercise Capacity to Predict Diabetic Heart and Blood Vessel Disease

Exercise does place healthy but mild stress on a Type 2 diabetic’s body, so it is recommended people with diabetes take a little extra care when exercising. It is also important you discuss your activity plans with your doctor who may want to review your diabetes management before you start.

Exercise capacity is defined as the greatest amount of physical activity an individual can sustain. The simplest, least expensive way to measure exercise capacity is to note what a diabetic can do in ordinary life, such as the number of minutes he or she can walk briskly or the number of stairs the Type 2 diabetic can climb before having to stop and rest.

A more precise way to measure exercise capacity is with the use of a treadmill. Predicted capacity is calculated with the use of a formula that takes into account… body mass index, age, and gender. The amount of treadmill walking the Type 2 diabetic can sustain is then compared with the predicted value to get some idea of his or her fitness.

Heart attacks, blood vessel disease, and strokes are all serious complications of Type 2 diabetes. Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, USA, set out to determine whether exercise capacity could be used to predict the probability of heart and blood vessel disease.

Their study, reported in the Archives of Medicine in February 2014, included…

  • 404 participants with diabetes, and
  • 490 healthy controls,

whose exercise capacity was measured by way of a standardized treadmill test. It was found both diabetics and nondiabetics with measurements below 85 percent of predicted, were at a higher risk for…

  • heart attacks,
  • blocked arteries carrying blood to the heart muscle, and
  • strokes

than individuals with 85 per cent capacity or higher.

Forty-eight percent of diabetics whose measurement was below…

  • 85 percent had heart attacks within 53 months,

compared with…

  • 32 percent of those with an exercise capacity of at least 85 percent of predicted.

Those with poorer exercise capacity suffered blockages in arteries carrying blood to heart muscles in…

  • 54 percent of cases, versus
  • 32 percent of those with better measurements of their capacity.

Among diabetics with an exercise measurement below 85 percent…

  • 22 percent had strokes, compared with
  • 6 percent of those with better measurements

Exercise capacity is something that develops gradually with physical activity. Simple activities such as a walk around the block every day help to build up capacity much better than trying to do too much at one time. A sensible plan for steady, tolerable exercise can be worked out with the help of your doctor. If heart disease is suspected, a treadmill test and EKG might be in order. Once an exercise plan is developed, then following it faithfully could be a great way to help a person with Type diabetes prevent having a heart attack, blocked blood vessels, or stroke.

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Be Aware and Ready: Buy Here Pay Here Motorcycles Financing Tips

The first tip is general. The greatest assembly of motorcycles’ buyers are generally junior single customers. Many clients turn to cruisers for the rush it gives. Motorcycles are less demanding to move in tight spaces and easier to handle in rare parking spaces of the city life of numerous individuals. There is likewise the reward of saving money on fuel. There are numerous dealerships across the country devoted to cruisers alone yet numerous auto dealerships likewise offer bikes as an afterthought. So if a dealership is offering autos with financing, chances are they offer financing for bikes too.

The second tip is essential. Buy here pay here bikes dealerships financing is a term that is authored to mean the clients pay to whatever dealerships they buy from without a third-party lender. As far as vehicle financing, it implies the clients pay for the vehicle in payments, at the dealerships they purchased their autos from and not to the outside banks. This is likewise correct for cruiser financing. Many cruiser merchants are presently offering buy here pay here bike choices to their clients.

The third tip is regarding credit scores. The preference of utilizing the buy here pay here merchants is that they don’t check for credit ratings. No matter how low the client’s credit score is, nobody might know. Instead, these dealerships search for different standards for financial strength, mostly evidence of pay checks. They may likewise require up front installments when they consider that the buyer’s pay is not solid enough. The clients may likewise be obliged to make week after week or bi-week payments rather than regularly scheduled monthly payments.

The fourth tip is about the online market. Online applications allow the sale to be performed quickly with simple forms to fill. This way the petitioners could be pre-approved for financing right off the bat before they go anywhere. The provisions get immediately surveyed and fit to the best matching dealership that can ensure the pre-approved credits to the inquirers. The loan amounts fluctuate with the earnings and by the financial steadiness of the clients. Once the advance sum is created, the client has the right to shop for any vehicle inside the measure proclaimed.

The fifth and final tip is about searching for the suitable vehicles. Buy here pay here financing implies that the buyers are not searching for vehicles first. Instead they are looking for dealerships that approve them first and afterward they take a look at what the dealerships have in their lots. This is intended to spare time. With the need of the perfect vehicle in mind, clients hunt down cruisers and begin to look at them, yet then get denied for financing. At that point they need to rehash doing this at each dealership. But in the event that the clients are pre-approved early, they realize that they will head off to dealerships that will allow them to drive home with the vehicle of their choice.

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Indonesia Focus on Gas Potential With New Projects This Year

With demand for gas likely to soar in the coming years in line with rapid industrial and energy-use expansion, the government has poured most of its resources this year into developing several key upstream and downstream gas projects.

The strategy is part of the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s 2013 strategic plan in which projects related to gas will dominate the country’s energy sector until 2018.

According to a copy of the strategic plan, received by The Jakarta Post recently, the ministry will prioritize three gas projects this year, developed separately by France-based Total E&P Indonesie, ConocoPhillips Indonesia and Australia-based Pearl Oil.

Total’s project will involve the enhanced development of the South Mahakam field in East Kalimantan, expected to generate 202 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd). The gas will be delivered to the nearby Bontang liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant.

The government’s interim upstream oil and gas regulator (SKMigas) will soon open the bidding process for the buyer of the gas from Bontang.

Another key development is by Pearl Oil, which is expected to pump 50 mmscfd of gas from its Ruby field in Sebuku Island in East Kalimantan. This gas will be supplied to a fertilizer plant run by state-owned PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (PKT) in East Kalimantan.

Conoco is slated to contribute 40 million mmscfd from the Sumpal field in South Sumatra. Output from the field will be delivered to Gas Supply Pte Ltd. (GSPL) Singapore as part of the firm’s supply contract.

“We’re expecting these new projects to be ready this year, and will soon contribute to higher production,” said SKMigas spokesman Hadi Prasetyo on Monday.

Gas supply for the domestic market is estimated to grow by 9 percent this year to 4,020 billion British thermal units per day (BBTUD) from 3,615 billion BBTUD, according to the ministry.

The ministry has also revealed that in the past eight years, domestic supply of gas has soared by 250 percent, mostly due to demand from power plants, manufacturing industry and fertilizers plants.

The exponential growth in demand for gas from the domestic market has pushed the government to secure national interest by rebalancing exports and domestic sales. Indonesia is the world’s third largest gas exporter after Qatar and Malaysia.

Gas exports this year are slated to decline by as much as 3,870 BBTUD. For the first time, allocation for exports will be smaller than for domestic use.

But as the single largest holder of proven natural gas reserves in the Asia Pacific region, Indonesia’s gas plays an important role for the Japanese, Chinese and Korean energy supply.

With reserves of 112 trillion cubic feet (TCF), Indonesia has expanded its gas pipeline network to neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

As the 14th largest holder of proven natural gas reserves in the world, Indonesia is now struggling to expand the capacity of its downstream sector to help supply sufficient gas to the domestic market.

According to the ministry’s strategic planning, the government has relied on several projects already under construction for next year’s operations.

The network will link the gas pipeline network from the western part of Sumatra to the eastern part of Java.

Among the projects is the revitalization of the Arun LNG plant in Aceh, which is scheduled for completion in the fourth quarter of next year and the construction of a pipeline that will link Arun to Belawan Port, which will be completed in the fourth quarter of next year.

All of the projects are managed by state oil and gas company PT Pertamina.

State gas-utility company PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) will focus this year on completing the floating storage regasification unit (FSRU) in Lampung, which is scheduled for completion in 2014.

The FSRU is currently under construction by Norway-based Hoegh, an LNG transportation and services company.

The Pertamina and PGN joint venture, PT Nusantara Regas, is slated to complete its FSRU in West Java this year. The unit will need 26 LNG cargoes or around 22 million tons in 2013.

Pertamina’s unit PT Pertagas is also in the construction process of pipelines that will link industrial areas of Cirebon and Bekasi in West Java. The project is set for completion in 2014. The company is also constructing a pipeline that will link Gresik in East Java with Central Java’s capital Semarang.

PT Rekayasa Industri is also in the pipeline business with Pertamina, constructing a pipeline that will link Cirebon and Semarang.

Other key projects include the construction of an FSRU in Central Java by Pertamina, which is set for completion in 2014, and the construction of a pipeline from the Kepodang gas field to the Tambaklorok power plant in Central Java, scheduled for completion in 2014.

Energy sector think tank ReforMiner Institute’s deputy director Komaidi Notonegoro said that given the country’s declining oil output, the government should aggressively focus on gas development, which is expected to supersede oil in the near future.

Indonesia is currently a net importer of both crude oil and refined products. Crude oil production has been declining since 1998 due to the maturation of the country’s largest oil fields and the failure to develop new, comparable resources.

“The government is already on the right track by concentrating on the gas projects rather than oil. The most important thing is their consistency in implementing the plans,” said Komaidi.

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