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Business Case Study; Franchise Outlet Disclosures

There has always been a big issue in the world of franchising regarding how to count the number of franchised outlets that exist. Many web sites of Franchisor’s show more outlets than their uniform franchise offering circular. The Uniform Franchise Offering Circular is the official Franchisor disclosure document, which would be given to each franchise buyer 10 days before purchase as mandatory by law. The number of franchised outlets must be disclosed in that document. When customers go to a web site of the franchising company they may notice that the outlets are numbered by city or zip code and there may be one outlet servicing more than one zip code or city. Or in some instances one franchisee owns multiple outlets and this is often confusing to the franchise buyer who peruses the Franchisor’s web site prior to the purchase.

One franchise buyer indicated to me that they noticed that there were 32 more locations listed on the web site than there were in the uniform franchise offering circular. I indicated; Yes, well also consider how many of those were multiple store owners? You see? We use to count all our franchisees who purchased multiple territories as multiple outlets to be fair. Some say this over inflates, yet as you can see by how this might also cause the number of units to be under inflated.

It is important that Franchisors are careful to alert franchisee of the differences and why they exist because many franchisees for franchise buyers may not understand this and they may believe that there is some fraud concerning the differences in numbers. Why might a buyer suspect there is fraud? Well, the consumer has been told by the government that most businesses are fraudulent. And I suppose there are enough examples of corporate fraud that might lead a consumer to believe that.

For instance; We know businesses with questionable characters will do such things. Look at the “Book to Bill Ratios” during the Dot Com days and false earnings reports from so many companies who made computer hardware. Nevertheless, once the differences in numbers are explained to the franchisee or franchise buyer then it will all make sense. And in reality a lot more dishonest business dealings are done from within our government then in the private sector, as there is also enough proof of scandals there. Please consider this in 2006.

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Marriage Problems? Advice For Men About Resolving Marriage Problems

Men, the best way to resolve your marriage problems is to really understand what women want deep down in their subconscious minds. If you don’t you may end up with a costly divorce on your hands, costly in terms of money spent on divorce lawyers and marriage guidance counsellors but even more costly in terms of your health and life style wealth. By that I mean the emotional affect it has on not only you but on your children, family and friends as well. Wealth measured in non financial terms relates to relationships you have with those closest to you. And all this can be destroyed by divorce – shared custody, upset children, and friends with divided loyalties and so on.

So wouldn’t be better to resolve your marriage problems quickly in order to save your marriage rather than head to the divorce courts. I personally have had two failed marriages and believe me I wish I had known then what I know now about how to deal with problems in marriage. Maybe I would not be in the financial crisis I am in now had I taken heed of the advice I am going to give you. Because I don’t want any one else to make the same mistakes I did and end up divorced twice and financially compromised.

No matter how bad it seems, you can still turn your marriage around and enjoy the romance and the sex that you once had. All the fights and arguments are just the symptoms that cover up the real issue. The real problems in marriage can be resolved by understanding and acting upon the following principals.

1) Marriage Problems Can Be Resolved By Understanding What Women Want

What women really want is a guy who will do what it takes to get the job done so that she and her family are safe. That’s what turns women on more than anything. This is due to evolutionary psychology which has become so ingrained in our DNA. In the caveman days women needed a man who could protect her from harm and who could provide for her and her offspring. And on the other hand biologically you as the man are looking for a woman who can bear your children and spread your genes.

And who are you to stop that evolutionary force? Biologically even in this day and age that is what a woman wants. That is the fundamental problem in marriage. Couples do not realise that they are being ruled by their genes, by their biological sex drive. As a husband you need to be many things. A protector, a partner, possibly even a friend, but what you really are, what your MAIN role in your life is – you are your wife’s sex partner.

2) Marriage Problems Can Be Resolved By Building Attraction

The success of every marriage depends on one thing and one thing only: ATTRACTION. Are you still attracted to your wife? Is she still attracted to you? Do you get turned on just by watching her get undressed at night or brush her hair in the morning or sip her coffee? Do you want to ravish her naked body? If not, there’s something seriously wrong with your relationship.

You can turn your marriage around, if you know how to do it and are willing to put a bit of work into it. But none of your efforts will be worth a thing if you aren’t both attracted to each other; if you aren’t both passionately hot and unable to resist each other.

3) Marriage Problems Can Be Resolved By Becoming The Leader In Your Marriage

There’s absolutely no such thing as a completely equal partnership. ONE person always has to be the one to make the final decision and call the shots. Every group in history, from small groups of people to world governments, churches and businesses, all have one thing in common – somebody is the LEADER.

The leader in your relationship is going to be the one with the power. Become the manliest, most alpha man you can be and assume the leadership role in your marriage. Men – you have to be the leader in your relationship. You will find that power and leadership are SEXY and that is what will keep your wife attracted to you.

4) Marriage Problems Can Be Resolved When You Take The Power Back

There’s something incredibly arousing about having someone decide what you should do, and that’s the first step you need to take with your wife to generate complete attraction. Hey man you need to take the power back because a woman who has a weak husband just ISN’T ATTRACTED TO HIM and she becomes bored and rapidly looses interest in him.

And that, men, is the basic reason for the problems in marriage. Men do not follow their biological programming and become weak. They stop being leaders and attraction dies. Reawaken the leader in you, take back the power and you will soon notice how much your wife is attracted to you.

So, in summary, if you want your marriage to take a 180 degree turn and transform into an exciting, mutually beneficial relationship with mind blowing sex then you need to take action today. To save your marriage you need to urgently resolve your fundamental marriage problems. Rekindle the attraction by assuming the leadership role in your marriage.

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Business Blog Can Change the Art of Making Profit

Blog is a part of web page, like a personal journal or newspaper for an entity accessible by public simply. It provides information about the updated news of recent events. The blog reflects the character of the author. Blog is the medium to express your own opinion for which you need different types of enhanced methods so it is constantly developing. You can find thousands of new blogs everyday about all types of products, services or events. It can be about any famous person’s personal life or a special day. Several blogs like to serve readers detailed information about some political discussion or issues.

There are two types of blogs such as personal blog and corporate or business blog. In some organization, there are many contributors for a blog. Some large companies like to use blog as an internal communication between their own channels. The blogs are very efficient to inform about recent updates than any other online writing. This is an exclusive point for which the blogs are unbelievably helpful implement for any business. You can send some information through mail, which will help your business to grow and prosper as blogs provide the scope to contact directly with readers.

Blog is a very easy process to post comments and updates. For this reason, it creates a big chance to grow business requirements. Everyone can join this blog easily due to its easy tools. You can use business blog as strong marketing tool. If you can find someone specialized in writing marketing blogs, it will prove to be very helpful for your company, as you have to project your company as a genuine organization. You can attract people through blog in online marketing. It is very popular today, so the readers will enjoy reading the blogs, which provides them the required information.

Through posting blogs to expand a daily audience, you should remember some important points. The comments should be clear to all, and based on the real life experience. You can submit some examples related to your real life experiences. This will automatically draw the readers’ attention. Business blog sites have easy methods of adding contents, so there are the chances to see something fresh always on the site. It helps to build the relationship between customers and producers. The potential customers are main profitable part of a company. If they develop interests about the product or service through reading blog, it will be helpful for the company.

For a small business owner, business blog is the way to reduce his expenditure. To create a website company needs to find a web-developer, web-designer and many more employees related to website promoting. However, in blog posting there is no need of things like that. In fact, blogging is the inexpensive method to spread company name in the market or in front of viewers. You have some disadvantage also in blog posting. Someone has to take responsibility to update it daily, because every posting mentions the time and date.

From reader’s point of view, it is the great way to gather information about any product or service. Blog is one of the enormous options to get fresh contents. You have to update your blog regularly; otherwise, it will be a bad experience for the users. It can affect your company in the field of popularity. The business blog should not be a very official or boring matter though it is business matter, but readers like to read some interesting writings as a story. You have to employ some special writers for blog posting. The business staffs are not perfect to give some interesting scripts; they can only give the information but it requires interesting presentation.

To promote your product you can exchange your comments with other links. There are some business directories where you can submit your blogs categorically. To create your own blog, you have to get a blogging tool. This is very easy to use. You can also visit the other blogs about same industry. From there you can gather a lot of information, which will help you to understand visitors’ choice, feedback and reaction. It will help you to get the attention of readers. You can make a list of the recent events of your state, country in your business blog. Through this procedure, customers can gain knowledge about the present world.

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