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Get Paid To Complete Free Offers And Surveys – The Official Guide

Paid offers and surveys are not what most people claim. They are heralded by many as the next work-at-home, income-replacing opportunity. This is simply not true. They are a casual way of earning money online and is intended to be an extra source of income rather than your sole income. Depending on which country you are from and your level of activity, one can generally expect realistic earnings of $50 – $500 per month.

Businesses and you

Businesses today are spending hundreds of thousands in market research to develop their products. The Internet has provided them with a cost effective way to reach a wide range of consumers. You can take advantage of this opportunity by providing your opinion for these businesses.

Starting from scratch

There are hundreds of websites that promote paid surveys and encourage you to start joining hundreds of sites. I would instead recommend learning about the industry before blindly signing up. Here are some things to think about:

    *Your country of residence.Paid surveys are open internationally, but businesses have preferences as to the target market they want to reach. Generally, this means members from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and other European countries are more likely to receive survey invitations. However, paid surveys are a rapidly expanding industry, as more and more international businesses join. *Your demographics. This include things like your gender, age, lifestyle preferences and other characteristics. Different businesses target different demographics and so some members will receive more offers and invitations than others. What you are looking to achieve.t’s best to set your goals before starting. Think about what you are trying to achieve. Are you simply trying to earn some extra money online, or are you trying to make a residual income. This will affect what kind of sites you sign up to and how long you will spend.

Choosing how to earn

Here’s a quick guide to what’s involved in paid surveys and offers.

    *Paid surveysare just that – complete an online survey and get paid. Surveys usually range from 10 minutes to 1 hour. They involve little more than looking at advertisements and ticking boxes. Payment generally ranges from $1 – $50 per completed survey. *Online discussion groupsare where a few members get together to talk about a topic – usually a product. Everyone in the group will be shown advertisements and you will discuss the product with everyone else. *Paid offersinvolve completing online offers. These offers include anything from online surveys to trialling the latest products. You will also receive freebies and samples from various companies. Generally, paid offers are limited to United States, Canada and United Kingdom members. *Online shopping Some sites have teamed up with companies to reward you for shopping with them. Whenever you buy a product, you will receive a fixed reward or a percentage of your purchase price back. *Referring friends Some sites will reward you for referring others to the site. You will either be rewarded a one time sign-up bonus or a small percentage of your referrals’ earnings.

Staying safe

As with anything that involves money, there are many scam sites trying to steal your money. Here are some important tips in staying safe and avoiding scams.

    *Avoiding scams Legitimate sites are ALWAYS free. They earn their money from businesses. A sure sign of a scam is a website promising high reward surveys but requiring a sign-up fee. Other scams set a ridiculously high payout level. If a site requires you to earn anything more than $50 before paying it’s likely that it’s a scam. *If it sounds too good to be true… it probably is. The old saying is especially true on the Internet. If any paid offer or survey site promises to replace your income or allow you to retire immediately, it’s probably a scam. Remember paid offers and surveys are not here to replace your income. *Protecting your identity. Voicing your opinion is not about voicing your personal details. Be assertive when giving out personal details. Use a free email address like Hotmail or Gmail. Only give out your phone number and address to companies you trust. Do not give out bank account or credit card details unless you know what you are doing.

Start earning money!

Recommended resources:

Paid Survey Guide provides a complete guide to paid surveys with comprehensive . Includes local site reviews, top 5 paid survey sites, tips, FAQ and a newsletter. It features a large number of sites and is updated regularly. Recommended for everyone.

Paid Offers World is an excellent resource for paid offers. Includes a complete guide, reviews, articles, FAQ and user discussion. Its reviews are comprehensive and articles informative. Recommended for U.S/CA/U.K members.

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Anti-Drone and Anti-UAV Municipality Rules Are Unwise

Perhaps, the scare tactics of the conspiracy theorists are working, and I guess we might also thank the Hollywood “Terminator Series” movies as well for all the anti-drone attitude. The reality is that this latest technology trend could be mega-good for our economy, jobs, and efficiency of our civilization. It could save huge amounts of money for government agencies, and reduce traffic. Let me explain.

Let’s say you wanted to order a pizza delivered to your home, or maybe a Starbucks Frappuccino. Wouldn’t it be much more efficient to have it delivered via a little silent running drone or MAV – micro-air vehicle (miniature UAV), I think it would. Consider if you get into your 3500 lb. SUV and drive down to Starbucks, sit in the drive-through and then drive home. You’ve wasted fuel, contributed to the traffic, and let’s not even talk about your carbon footprint and pollution output in doing so.

A small miniature UAV drone on the other hand could deliver it efficiently, directly, line of sight, flying like a bird not a car. No worries about pedestrians, bicycles, no chance of car accident, remember most accidents happen within 10-miles of the home, and we are killing well over 20,000 motorists a year in this nation. So, it’s just amazing no one can see all this.

There was an interesting article in Homeland Security News recently published on April 5, 2013 titled; “California city could become first in the state to ban drones,” which stated;

“The City Council in Rancho Mirage, California was set to vote yesterday on a proposal which would ban the use of drones in residential areas in the city. If it passes, it will be the first law of its kind in the state. The ordinance would ban the flying of “unmanned aircraft that can fly under the control of a remote pilot or by a geographic positions system (GPS) guided autopilot mechanism” up to 400 feet above areas that have been zoned residential.”

Wow, that’s short sided and you know what, that’s a high-end city, golf courses everywhere, expensive gated communities and these are just the folks who want things delivered. I see FED EX home delivery, UPS, and all sorts of food deliveries there – all day long – and well into the evening before the town closes up shop at 9 PM sharp, as all the older retired folks poop out after golf, tennis, and activities.

Look, there is nothing wrong with drones, if the people want more privacy, all they need to do is ban the use of MAVs, UAVs and drones under 400 AGL by Paparazzi. That would solve the problem, but no this city wants to take a giant fly swatter to the future of micro-air vehicle home delivery. Very short sided indeed. Please consider all this and think on it.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing? The Secret To Bringing In Lots Of Cash

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to promote a business. In this, affiliates promote a product or service online and these affiliates or partners are rewarded for every customer or visitor that is directed to the official website of product or service they are promoting.

A common feature of affiliate marketing is rewarding users who have signed up on the site, referred the website to their friends, or completed a survey by giving them cash or gift vouchers.

In affiliate marketing, the merchant is also considered to be a retailer. Then there’s the publisher, who is also regarded as ‘the affiliate’. Due to the increasing popularity of affiliate marketing, several affiliate management agencies and specialized third party vendors have come up to make the most of this promotional avenue.

Affiliate and Internet marketing

Affiliate and internet marketing are often linked to each other. This is because they have a few things in common. Affiliates regularly use online advertising methods to sell their products. These methods include paid search engine marketing, organic search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, and to some extent, display advertising. However, affiliates also use less orthodox techniques like publishing reviews on a product or a service.

Are there any other benefits in promoting other people products?

Promoting other peoples products gives one the opportunity to have sub affiliates and create a network with them. This allows the affiliate and his or her sub affiliates to work together and attract more clients, and as a result, increasing the profit margin. This method is also known as the 2-tiered affiliate marketing.

Many affiliate-marketing websites enroll a huge network of sub affiliates all over the world to attract more visitors to a website. The best thing about this form of online promotion is that affiliates are not required to be highly educated or qualified.

The other benefits of promoting other people products

  • You can work from the comfort of your own home without having to be answerable to a boss or stick to a restrictive schedule.
  • You can also earn some money on the side while still being employed in a ‘regular job’. Affiliate marketing is all the rage among those looking for a part time job.
  • You can choose a product or service you believe in, which helps you motivate yourself to perform better.

The most important feature that makes affiliate marketing so popular and such a big hit among the masses is that it is very easy to learn and pick up. You only have to spend a few hours each day on the internet to make some good money in the long run.

Payment Structures of Affiliate Networks

  1. Cost per Sale (CPA) – Here, affiliates are paid (by percentage) whenever a merchant ends a deal.
  2. Cost per Lead (CPL) – Affiliates are paid for every lead that is generated.
  3. Cost per Click (CPC) – Affiliates are paid by advertisers for every click on the latters’ website/s.
  4. CPM (Cost per thousand Impressions) – Advertisers have to purchase a CPM inventory, and they pay the affiliates for every thousand impressions.

The above discussion would have hopefully answered your question ‘what is affiliate marketing?’ and helped you gain a better understanding of this promising moneymaking opportunity.

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