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Marketing – A Personal Story of My Online Business Journey

Let it be known, this is my first article submission and I am doing this in an effort to follow the advice of successful online business entrepreneurs. As I contemplated what expertise I could possibly provide an Internet audience, it occurred to me the thought of just being myself and sharing my progression toward my own online business. So this is what I have decided to focus on, holding back nothing and telling it just like it is. Pretty, ugly, or in between, successful or not. I will start with events leading to what I will call my official grand opening of my online business. I do not want to waste the time of anyone so I will jump ahead of myself a little bit and let you know my profit making endeavor consists of being an affiliate marketer. I settled on this after many experiences and half hearted attempts in other areas which I will get in to later. Although I risk totally exposing myself, I will write these articles with complete detail and honesty. The truth is though, I am scared to death of failure but too naive to know any better. I hope you can appreciate this statement and I sincerely hope that following these articles may help someone who is in a similar state of mind or business beginning.

Also I would like to state that although I have done considerable reading and research on the topic of entrepreneurship and online business principles I have taken it upon myself to follow my own instincts and gut feelings which sometimes is in contrast to sound business practices taught by others. But I have always believed there is no right or wrong way to achieve your goals. The articles I intend to write are for the sole purpose of sharing my experience and not meant to be a guide for anyone to follow. Please consult the experts of your liking for that purpose, but if I do have something you agree with then do not be silly, use it with my blessing and know you are welcome to contact me: I will respond with integrity.

I would like to begin with my Internet business background before actually moving on to the first part of my affiliate marketing business series. Like most, I knew far less than I thought about the online world even with a lot of computer experience. I did not even realize there was such a thing as a mailing list. I thought I had just become very special to all these people who had nothing but my best interests in mind like they said. For those who know, that really is naive. Sparing the boring details from there I have bought a liquidation business, a kids clothing business, a gps tracking unit business, subscribed to Jeff Paul millionaire club and a $5,000 training course which brought me a prescription drug card business, a weight training equipment business, and of course a business selling his products, then it was buy into national grants opportunity business and money pit, Michael Kimble knowledge base and money pit, plus several online courses designed to having me live the easy life and making millions, and I am sure a few others, but these are enough examples to let you know how gullible I have been and although I have gleaned some useful information from these I am ready to forget these past experiences.

I hope you can sense the straight-forwardness of my intentions here and follow my personal journey into the online business world. Not right or wrong just laying it out there for real. My next article will begin the true confessions of my online business journey leading up to and including the grand opening of my affiliate marketing business which I officially declare when you read this article.

My intent with these articles is to be entertaining, share my experiences to be helpful to others, and of course to generate traffic to my site.

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Minnesota Winter Fun at Ice Fest 2013

Lots of folks around the country assume that Minnesotans hibernate with the bears during the winter months, but nothing could be further from the truth! Instead, the brisk winter air tends to ignite a totally different set of fun winter activities here in the “great white north”. Festivals, fishing contests, snowmobile rides, ski races, parades, skating rinks, sleigh rides, sledding hill races and snowman building contests–in other words, hundreds of innovative entertainments fill the winter days and hours. Partaking in these winter activities at festivals, such as Ice Fest, is a great way to experience a true Minnesota winter vacation.

The annual Ice Fest event is one great chance to play in the snow and ice during your next winter vacation. Ice Fest is hosted by the Brainerd Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce. It is held in Breezy Point, Minnesota each January on Pelican Lake. The surrounding communities of Pequot Lakes, Pine River, Nisswa, Crosslake and more participate in the weekend activities.

Guests to the area are welcomed and encouraged to participate in these winter activities in order to experience winter Minnesota-style. If you are in the area for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, be sure to fit Ice Fest into your agenda. You’ll leave being able to say you truly experienced a Minnesota winter vacation!

Next year, Ice Fest is scheduled for January 4 – January 5, 2013 and will include fun events to entertain every member of the family. Bonfires and fireworks over the lake will light up the evenings and daytime activities are planned throughout the weekend. The Dockside Lounge, the Commander Bar, Prime Time Bar and Billy’s Bar and Grill all offer specials and entertainment and all are located within a mile of the activities on Pelican Lake.

In addition, there will be food and beverage vendors located among the festivities. Planned activities include a pancake breakfast, a kid’s fishing program, dogsled rides and a craft and vendor fair in the lakeside room at Marina II.

Hugely popular snowmobile time trials are open to all who register and participants may run the quarter-mile track on the ice as many times as they’d like. Crowds line the track to cheer on their favorites and meet new friends.

Kite races, snow golf and an ice slide add to the fun. Some serious competition can be observed as the Power Ice Auger World Championships are held during the weekend events. An adult Pond Hockey 4-on-4 Tournament is part of the action and horse-drawn trolley rides delight the entire family.

Blinkie buttons, available at participating local businesses, are sold as a fundraiser and those wearing the buttons are offered discounts and other specials throughout Ice Fest.

Ice Fest 2013 is a great chance to have a fun winter vacation, lakeside, at Breezy Point, Minnesota! Will you be there when these small cities and towns come together to celebrate all the best of what Mother Nature has to offer during the snowy season of a Minnesota winter?

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Bilingualism: The Advantages of Knowing Mandarin Chinese and English

Being bilingual in Mandarin Chinese and English will be able to enable one to expose to the beauty and richness of western and eastern cultures, literature, customs, festivals, history, etc.

Over 1 billion people around the world speak Mandarin Chinese, about one fifth of the global population. China is the most populous nation in the world, with 1.32 billion people.

Chinese Mandarin is becoming one of the fastest growing and popular academic fields of study in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and many English Speaking countries.

China is one of the world’s oldest and richest cultures and is over 5000 years old.

China is the second largest economy in the world. China has become a huge market, business leaders are looking for people who can speak Chinese and operate successfully in the Chinese cultural context.

The wealthy Chinese tend to indulge in branded and luxurious goods from the west. Learning any language is an advantage when looking for a job. Employers like bilingual employee especially in English and Mandarin Chinese.

The Chinese-US and Chinese-European trade are becoming to be a very huge market. Traders or businessmen who are proficient in both Mandarin Chinese and English will definitely enjoy a great advantage.

In this digital age, English is still the widely preferred medium of communication. It is still the dominant language of social media sites, online education networks, websites, etc. The introduction of Chinese words Pinyin enables anyone to learn and read Chinese character easier and faster.

Pinyin is the official system to transcribe the Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet to teach Mandarin Chinese. Nowadays, there are many excellent teaching materials or tools available in the Internet to help anyone to learn the Mandarin Chinese. The medium of teaching is mostly in English with the Chinese Teaching materials.

This is the best time to learn Mandarin Chinese.

With the latest technology and software through Internet, the Chinese language has been more easily accessible than ever before.

Research has shown that learning an additional language is good for the brain.

It also enhances the learning of other subjects.

One study found showed that students who are multilingual are more flexible problem-solvers.

It has been shown that older people who are bilingual are less susceptible to Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia and can keep their brains sharper much longer.

This benefit is even more profound in learning Chinese. The fact that Mandarin Chinese is so different from English in sound, tones and script means that learning it is even more mentally stimulating than other languages.

There is no doubt that speakers of more than one language have nimble brains. Bilingualism enhances attention and cognitive control in kids and adults.

Start learning an additional language today.

The benefits of bilingualism in learning Mandarin Chinese are tremendous, it not only can provide healthy stimulation to the brain but a very useful tool and valuable asset in one’s academic studies, career, business opportunities. One can even enjoy the beauty and richness of two different cultures, the English and Chinese cultures.

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